The Community Channel Charter
(Part 4).

  1. To facilitate community controlled and operated, not-for-profit cable television service that informs, educates and entertains and acts as a conduit for the two-way exchange of information for members, community and special interest groups, community and independent screen producers, educational, training and information providers, and audiences.
  2. To facilitate the delivery of effective educational and training programs using innovative and appropriate methods including broadcasting, telecommunications and print technologies.
  3. To engage in innovative television broadcasting and transmission of all kinds that presents a unique and imaginative identity.
  4. To facilitate managed access to production and training resources and to television broadcasting and transmission for all communities, particularly those who do not obtain effective access to and those not adequately served by other media.
  5. To maintain a programming policy which opposes and breaks down prejudice and discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, ethnic background, gender, religion, sexuality, disability, location, age or mental condition and which promotes cultural self-determination, greater community understanding and equal employment opportunity.
  6. To provide independent, non-partisan and diverse programming consistent with the widest possible community participation so as to give the widest representation of viewpoints by expanding meaningful programming choice and presenting programs which reflect the expressed needs and interests of all communities regardless of their size, by publicly-elected, participatory and representative special interest groups and by regularly and clearly broadcasting station policy.
  7. To involve members, staff, volunteers and the communities in decision making, programming, employment and other policy development under the principles of equity and access for the communities in a community television service.
  8. To actively promote, encourage an support equal representation of women at all levels and in all areas of community television.
  9. To develop and abide by strict ethical guidelines for sponsorship, management and policy that reflect the Channel's Charter and are appropriate to the communities which are served by the Channel.
  10. To encourage and facilitate active feedback, engagement and discussion between audiences and the Channel.
  11. To transmit a majority of Australian material.
  12. To distribute and market program material and ancillary services to other broadcasters and distributors locally, nationally and internationally, particularly those that share some or all of the objects of the Channel's Charter.

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