Technical Information:

Version 1.0, Metabody: From Cyborg to Symborg (1997) was implemented to run on an Apple Power Mac or better. Version 1.1, Metabody: Mutant Version 1.1 (1999) runs on PCs.

When using the online features of the Mac Version 1.0 CD ROM, some ftp sites used by the CD ROM may no longer be fully operational.

Technical Update:

The PC Version 1.1 of the Metabody CD ROM requires:

> QuickTime 2.1 installed (available on older OEM CD    ROMs provided by computer magazines - it is no    longer supported by the manufacturer);
> do not de-install later versions when installing 2.1;
> set colours to 24 bit or higher; and
> some functions are only available in the earlier Mac    version.

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