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The Online Culture Channel is a nonprofit independent network providing an archive of early Australian culture, media, arts and technology institutions, works, writings and expression.
The Channel is about to change its format and content.

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Online Australia Cultural Festival 2000 Online Australia Cultural Festival 2000 - an online directory and archive of 40 leading Australian cultural institutions that took part in the festival. A 2000 snapshot of Australian online culture. It was supported by the then Online Australia project for the then National Office of the Information Economy (NOIE).
Metabody CD ROM Archive by MERLIN Metabody archive - the 1999 Metabody CD ROM Project by MERLIN with funding from the then Australian Film Commission Commission (AFC).
TechTonic Zine, media technology culture TechTonic - archive of articles on the interplay between media, technology and culture in Australia in the 1990s.
TechTonic Zine, media technology culture Open Access - archive of material on community and independent TV projects in Sydney, Australia, from 1991.
Art and Technology Resources
Media Art in Australia Scanlines - Media Art in Australia since the 1960s.
TechTonic Zine, 1990s media technology culture - articles on early Australian video arts and culture by Stephen Jones.
Metabody CD ROM Archive by MERLIN Ariel and The Shadow Computer - an early portable personal computer designed in Australia in the 1980s and the person and social network behind the machine. Australian domain name for saleThe new Australian domain name address pair and are for sale.
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Australian Online Safety Resources
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