Australia's Cultural Network

 The Internet gateway to Australian culture

Australia's Cultural Network is the Australian Government's public access gateway to Australian cultural organisations, websites, resources, news and events.

The Network is also an exchange centre for resources, ideas and information where cultural workers and organisations can communicate with each other to improve and develop their use of online services.

The objectives of the Network are to improve and develop online access to, and participation in, Australia's cultural endeavour, commerce, activities and events, and to improve the productivity of Australia's cultural organisations and cultural workers.


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  • Link directly to over 1,400 Australian cultural websites.
  • Search the content of over 570,000 screens of information.
  • 2,000 Australian cultural events.
  • Read over 150 articles on Australian history and culture.
  • History and culture subject area Pathfinders.
  • Catch up with the latest Cultural News.



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